Positive Word of Mouth

Many companies or products are promoted by Word of Mouth Marketing, which relies on personal recommendations and consumer-generated media. Person-to-person communication tends to have an extra level of credibility due to individuals inclination to trust other consumers over advertisements and other forms of promotion. Invention Home is grateful for referrals and appreciates the business that positive word-of-mouth generates.

“I have already referred you to someone else who has an invention.  I am so glad I found you and I will continue passing on your name to others.  Thanks again.” – LaRee M., Florence, AZ.

“This whole process was made very easy and comfortable by your team members. I am very satisfied with the results and would gladly use your company again, as well as recommend you to others.”-Renee N., Southampton, MA.

“We want to thank your company for a wonderful experience and educational process of how easy it was to bring a dream to life with the help of Invention Home. Your staff walked us through each step from beginning to end. Your company is truly a five-star company and we would recommend your company to anyone who has a dream, with no knowledge of the process of bringing a dream to life.  We have other ideas and you will hear from us in the future.”- Larry and Harriet F., Nashville, TN.


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