Navigating the Invention Industry Can be Tricky

“Our experience with Invention Home has been great. At first I was suspicious but once the relationship began I could see Invention Home was there to help me in any way. Invention Home worked very hard to make sure every aspect of our invention was done correctly and in good time. Invention Home wants to do a good job for me so in the end we both get paid. That may sound blunt and to the point but isn’t that what were after. I do thank Invention Home because of their prices and contacts!!! Good Luck and remember nothing in life is easy but Invention Home is made easy.”—Scott and Liz D.

“I am a first time inventor and contacted Invention Home after researching other companies. It was a very pleasant experience from my initial telephone call through my provisional patent. Their team helps you walk around the mine fields and makes the process a positive experience. I look forward to the final marketing stage to bringing my dream to reality. Thank you Invention Home.”—-Ed C.

“I just want to thank you for the easy process of getting my idea out there. I am VERY pleased with the result and how straight forward and clear your system is to navigate.”—Kathy R.

“I really see how you guys (Invention Home) are so successful. You guys have a GREAT! turn key system with your client (Inventor’s). I’m sure that same type relationship is identical with the invention industry. I’m very happy we made the RIGHT decision, and choose you guys (Invention Home).”—Charles H.


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