InventionHome Survey Responses

“I was very happy with the company’s staff and prompt service. You guys are great.”—Dale G., HunterRiver, PS.

“As this being my first time as an inventor, the Invention Home staff was very supportive and helpful. I really appreciate them. Thank You!”—Antwan D., Winston Salem, NC.

“So pleased that I found a great place like InventionHome to work with me with my new invention. Did not know where to start and InventionHome is and was the place to go.  A big thanks goes out to Jared and Kathi and there team.”—Douglas D., Bridgeport, CT.

“I’m glad InventionHome was the first to call me after my on-line inquiry. I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else.”—Karen D., Lake Camel, NY.

“Invention Home has made this entire experience as easy as possible, Chad and Caty and Jim in artwork always responded quickly to any of our inquiries, they did a great job. I just hope this invention works out for all of us!”—Timothy M.,  Taneytown MD.

“”I feel very blessed to have worked with such a company and thank you for helping me in reaching this goal!  I hope to work with company for many more projects of mine and would love to be a promoter/spokes person.”—Jenn D., Harvey, IL.

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