Competitive Edge

“There seem to be so many companies leaching off of inventors that we were concerned about what was being offered by Invention Home, but after meeting some of the people at the House-ware Show last March and then having the pleasure of working with Emily as I discussed our thoughts and she let me know why her thinking was going the way it was. I am confident that we have made the choice that we should have made six months ago.”–Paul S., Warren, MI.

“Inventionhome has been a very positive experience this far compared to other promoters and affordable.”–Wilbur C., Clinton, MO.

“Been dealing with this invention for over 4 years with another company, so glad I found Invention Home, would highly recommend them.”–Steve D., O’Fallon, MO.

“Streamlined from start to finish. Website and colors are friendly, visually appealing.  Does not put customers off, invites them in.  Experts in their fields.”—Renee F., Lake Hughes, CA.

“I am very satisfied, and feel you are the best company to help me sell my product to the world. Thanks for all your help.”—Derrick S., Lexington, KY.

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