“Thank You InventionHome”

“When I thought of my invention I had no idea as to what has to be done to put it on the market. So I got on the Internet and looked about getting a patent. I figured that would have to be the first step. Well it was more than one step they wanted me to take. They said things that had to be done that I had no idea of how I was going to do them. So I looked for companies that might do these things for you. I talked with the professional employees of InventionHome and they explained to me the steps that had to be taken and the different options and cost of doing all of the tasks. Well I hired them and I am so glad I did. They helped this 63-year-old man, with an idea, of how to build my product and put on paper in 3D. I was helped every step of the way and I worked with multiple people and each one knew their job and did it in a friendly and professional manner. I know there are still things to be done before my product is in the stores to be purchased but I know I will be guided through each process. Thank You Invention Home.”–James G., Pahrump, NV.


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