March Survey Results

“The whole process thus far has been very simple.  The representatives were knowledgeable, friendly, and very helpful.  The cost presented by your company was reasonable and the products produced are top notch.”

-April B., Wiggins, MS.

“I was skeptical of InventionHome like most people probably are.  The normal fears of them charging too much or stealing my idea.  And I wondered how timely they would respond with questions and keep the process going.  I had dealings with at least 4 different people and they were all delightful.  They treated me like I was their only client. They were patient when I made changes.  Everyone along the way acted like they were in it for only one reason – to help me get my idea properly documented (both for the provisional patent and the marketing storyboard). And they stayed on top of it better than I did.  I had surgery during this process, so there were many times that they were waiting on me.  They take their commitment seriously and will drive it through to completion.  I could not have asked for a better experience.  And as for the marketing phase, based on the way I’ve been treated so far, I firmly believe that they will be diligent about trying to find someone to license my idea.”

-Linda B., Howe, TX.

“The process working with InventionHome has been much better than I had expected. When I first began my journey with my kitchen gadget, I had no idea where to turn. Not knowing who to trust or who the scammers were. I feel very fortunate to have chosen InventionHome. Working with Kathi and Arion has been great, they were patient with me and my changes, and the artwork has far exceeded my expectations, needless to say I am very happy with how the images turned out and my portfolio as a whole. Now, comes the biggest hurdle of them all and that is securing a licensing deal, I feel good about the chances because of the marketing strategy that InventionHome has. I have been sitting on this idea for over 15 years, and now it is finally out there and in the process of being marketed. I would like to thank you and your excellent staff in making this all come to fruition. I will finally know if this is as great of an idea as I always thought that it was.”

-Trent R., Shakopee, MN.

“Thank you all for your Guidance during  this process!  I am looking forward to the responses and feel that my invention will truly be a benefit to others!  Thanks to Inventionhome, I can share this with the world.  This has been a very pleasant experience and I look forward to sharing my testimonial results!!”

-Angela H., Tampa, FL.

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