Survey Results from Inventors

“No one knows if an invention will be successful or not, we hope for the best.  But regardless of the outcome the most difficult part is the process and nothing can be more frustrating then once the invention has been completed not being able to find proper guidance or the encouragement to market or explore opportunities to make it successful in today’s competitive market.  With the respect, fairness, guidance and patience that I have been treated with at InventionHome, I already have the satisfaction of achievement regardless of the outcome. I hope for the best but what’s important is that I tried and that I did find the help that I really needed to complete my project at InventionHome.”

Antonio C., Mississauga, ON.

“Thank you for handling the changes in a timely manner. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with InventionHome and your team.”

—Marvin J., Walnut, CA.

“I could not ask for better service. You all are the best!”

—LaVerne S., Maysville, WV.

“I was very nervous and unsure of what to expect going in to this venture. I must say I am extremely pleased with everything that has transpired.  I look forward to the final phase of this journey with the InventionHome team.”

—Carole T., Boulder Creek, CA.

“So far the best invention company. Thank you.”

—Juan F., Briarwood, NY.

“Most efficient and swift. Love the art work and written material. Very satisfied with the rendition of my idea. Now let’s get it out there! Thanks a billion.”

—Sylvia B., Atlanta, GA.

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