The Staff at InventionHome

“The staff at Inventionhome were more than professionals in putting together my invention portfolio, and I mean all of them. Thank you for your support and please keep up the good work. This was my second submission.”

-Antonio C., Mississauga, ON.

“So far I have no complaints and everything been handled in a professional way. Everyone made me feel like I was part of the team and it was a good experience working with both managers.”

-Jerome S., Lancaster, PA.

“This has been a smooth transaction and experience. Everyone is very professional and helpful.”

-Veronica M., Comfort, TX.

InventionHome has a solid group of honest people who seem to genuinely care about the success of the inventor. Thanks!”

-Russell F., Gainesville, GA.

“I want to thank everyone who made my dream a reality, Through out the process you all were so patient. Thanks again you all are a joy!”

-Roberta C., Cincinnati, OH.

“The staff is very nice people. I will love to work with them again. Thank for everything!”

-Charleston H., Birmingham, AL.

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