December Inventor Comments & Testimonials

“Job well done. You have captured the essence of my product and have produced a very good description of it.”

—Rick G., Gilbert, AZ.


“Everyone, from start to finish, has been very professional and responsive and provided a quality service.  Thanks so much, I hope together, we can make it happen now.”

–Robyn A., Brookfield, MO.


“I was so nervous about pursuing my invention after reading about so many rip off situations on the internet. Yet, on my own, the patenting process and marketing tasks are daunting. From my first contact Invention Home I was impressed. They explained everything clearly and are kind, courteous and very professional. My overall experience with Invention Home has exceeded my expectations. Thank you”

—Susan C., Bordentown, NJ. 


“I could not have done this on my own! Thank You!”

—Dan G., Park Hills, MO.


“Pleasantly surprised that the process was so smoothly accomplished. The process was clearly laid out step by step and I feel my product has its best foot forward.”

—Shelton J., Laguna Niguel, CA. 

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