“I promise InventionHome will help you 100% of the way, from start to finish!”

“One day I had a what I thought was a great idea, and when I shared it with a close friend they told me I should “Do something about it!” I thought it was silly and that I could make something up to make my life a little easier. After I had the finished product in hand, once again, I was told to do something about it because this could help so many people out. So I did! After a bit of research I found Invention Home, and after talking to them they literally walked me through the process. I have never done this before and they knew this. We had a great time setting up my account and getting my product ready for advertising to manufacturers to help me make it a reality. I LOVE THIS COMPANY! If you have an idea make it a reality, and do something about it! I promise Invention Home will help you 100% of the way from start to finish.”

Cheryl H. – Eureka, IL


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