About Invention Home

Jacob Enterprise, Incorporated (Invention Home) is a Monroeville, Pennsylvania-based company who owns two websites:  InventionHome.com and MatchProduct.com

InventionHome.com provides a broad range of services to individual inventors, manufacturers, distributors and retailers.  The company’s  winning team includes a staff with many years of experience, and dedication to service and success.   InventionHome.com  has more than ten years experience developing successful consumer products.   The company’s formula for success emerged after the family developed a single idea and turned it into an entire product line worth millions of dollars.   The family’s same successful approach has helped countless others develop, pursue and license their ideas.

MatchProduct.com is a free website that helps inventors with finished products find buyers interested in purchasing and licensing their products.  The site, launched during the third quarter in 2008 is a no cost, risk-free marketplace where sellers can decided the terms of a potential agreement. 

Jacob Enterprises, Incorporated is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, United Inventors Association, Manufacturers Agent National Association & Dun & Bradstreet to name a few.  The company has partnered with several national entities including the International Housewares, StartupNation.com, Logoworks and numerous blogs.  For additional information please feel free to contact ust at (866) THINK-12 or info@inventionhome.com.


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